Wriggle and Crawl

Cornerstones Topic

Put on your coat and wellies and let’s head outside on a mini-beast hunt. This term, we’ll head to a woodland to identify mini-beasts in their natural habitat. We’ll write a guide book for other children to use on a mini-beast hunt, draw sketch maps of our mini-beast hunting area and create mini-beast stories and poems. Heading out into the local area, we’ll explore trees and bushes to see what lives there, investigate how far and how fast a snail can travel and create a mini-beast habitat of our own. We’ll draw delicate sketches of mini-beasts, make models from a variety of materials and use microscopes to observe mini-beasts up close. Our ICT skills will help us create a mini-beast animation and we’ll observe a beehive through live webcam footage. A special assembly at the end of our project will give us the chance to share our knowledge. We’ll create a PowerPoint presentation, use scientific vocabulary to explain what we have learnt, display our artwork and perform our mini-beast poems with musical accompaniment.

Speech and Language

The children will access a daily speech and language program as directed by Therapists.

We will be reading a range of stories by the author Eric Carle. We will be reading; The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider and The Bad Tempered Ladybird.
As part of our work on these exciting books, we will be describing characters, writing fact files about our favourite mini beasts and writing a persuasive letter to a very bad tempered ladybird! At the end of the topic, we will be creating a mini beast of our choice.


This half term, we are going to be developing our mathematical skills. We will be exploring fractions by recognising, finding, naming and writing fractions. We will also be identifying and describing the properties of 3D shapes, including the number of edges, vertices and faces and comparing these to 2D shapes.


In music, we will be involved in the Ten Pieces Classical music event. We will be listening to Carl Orff: Carmina Burana – ‘O fortuna’ and describing how the music makes us feel. We will also be listening to and identifying which musical instruments are used and making some of our own. 


The children will take part in outdoor PE including: ball skills, team games and athletics. We will continue to take part in Hydrotherapy at Priory Wood’s Special School.
All children will need a pair of trainers or plimsolls in school to wear during out door PE.


In Science, we will be researching a range of habitats that mini beasts live in and why they live there. We will also be thinking about the food that certain mini beasts eat and what their favourite food may be. We will focus on life cycles too. 


We will be developing an understanding of the Christian and Jewish beliefs about God as the creator of the world. We will be exploring what you need to do to be a good friend and how you can be a good Samaritan. 


All areas of learning will be enhanced using computing as children have regular access to iPads to learn new skills and find out about areas of their topic. The children will use programming skills to investigate mini beasts.

Art and Design

We will be drawing a range of mini beasts and thinking about the patterns that we can see. We will focus on using different pencil skills and using different paper and resources to create interesting textures. 

PSHE and Nurture

Our new PSHE topic is ‘Healthy Me’. We will be learning about being healthy and relaxed. We will also be learning about medicine safety and enhancing our knowledge of healthy eating.

Design Technology

We will begin by making our very own army of Ants. Then, we will use our knowledge of all the mini beasts we have studied and create our very own made up mini-beast.