We are focusing upon improving our attendance in 2020 and would please remind all parents and carers, that children need to be on the yard from 8:45 AM and that the main gates will close with children expected to be in classrooms for 8:50 AM. We are continuing our lineup outside procedures which have proven really helpful for parents and carers to have a quick word with teachers at the start of the day, but also for children to feel part of their class family and to ensure everyone starts the day in a positive manner. In autumn 2019, 276 children had over 96% attendance. This is the highest figure in many years and we want to continue building upon that figure to ensure that all children attend school on time. If your child cannot attend school for any reason, please ensure that you ring school and follow the school procedures. All absences will be checked by our attendance team, Mr Johnson and Mrs Brown. Miss LLamas, Safeguarding Lead, will continue to support parents and carers, ensuring children attend school and on time every day. If your child is required to attend a dental, GP or hospital appointment, we will require proof of that appointment as part of our attendance procedures.