LEGO Education Innovation Studio


Building Futures

Brick by Brick

Ayresome Primary School is part of the LEGO Education initiative.

Our Director of Computing, Mr Phil Ainsley, is a certified LEGO Education trainer and we have extended our premises for LEGO Education Innovation Studio and will now offer we regional service level agreements to schools across the Northern region. Ayresome has delivered in excess of 30 core training days for schools in the region and we continue to expand our provision to the secondary and further educational organisations. 


Ayresome Primary School’s original LEGO Education Innovation Studio, was officially opened 6th May 2015 by Dr Rene Lydiksen, MD LEGO Education Europe. A fabulous day was had by all!

Ayresome now offers training, consultancy and STEM/ LEGO clubs across the Northern Region with a number of schools and core organisations. We are core partners with Raising Robots to support the delivery of regional LEGO products.


Schools can book regional workshops, bespoke package, staff and pupil training. Please contact our Director of Computing, Mr Phil Ainsley on 01642 244961 option 7.



Computer Science

Computer Science will be immersed in LEGO Educational principles as well as ensuring that all pupils have an excellent grasp of all Microsoft Applications, reviewed and assessed half termly. A core area of the LEGO Innovation Studio is the enhancement of programming and robotics.


Animation and video technology will be a core driver in digital literacy. The school is planning Radio Ayresome is the very near future. Preparations in advance to create a simulated radio station will give pupils valuable experience until it is installed.


Raspberry Pi technology is used for core programming and enhances our STEM work in this area.


Learning focus areas 2017-2018

This term we have been using Lego across the school to engage, develop and enhance skills across the curriculum.  Here are some of the things we are currently doing:

Children in Year 1 are enhancing their Space topic by developing an understanding of moon-scapes and recreating the structures with Lego. To demonstrate a clear understanding,  they will have to build a Lego Moon Buggy that can work in this environment. In addition, children will also engineer a space ship from Lego and explain the different parts and how it helps the craft to get in to orbit. 

In Science in Year 3, pupils are using WEDO 2.0 to develop an understanding of predators and prey. They will build a predator that will respond through a sensor to any movement.

Children in Year 4 are also using WEDO 2.0 and making connections to STEM to examine speed and distance. A core build will be used and then developed through free building.

Year 5 are examining Sir Walter Raleigh and they are using STORY STARTER to develop an alternative ending to his famous life story.  The programming of EV3s will be a constant within Computer Science. The pupils will be investigating sensors and how they help them to achieve given scenarios.


We are also continually developing and refining our animation skills. Watch this space and our Twitter feed @ayresomeprimary for more details!


We recently had visits from Priors Mill C of E Primary School.

Here is some of the feedback we received:

“It will be something they will always remember and we can’t wait for the next one.”

“We recently took part in a LEGO day for our Year 4 pupils.  To say we were amazed by the day would be an understatement.”

“There was certainly a buzz around the school all day!  The language and team-work the children were using was fantastic.  To see what the children I work with every day were actually capable of when given the opportunity was fantastic.”

“Every child was engaged and accomplished many goals throughout the day.  The learning opportunities were endless.”