Hello and welcome to Magnolia’s class page.

In our English this term, we will be starting off by reading Erik the Viking by Terry Jones. We will be working on our understanding of new vocabulary, finding out information from the story and working out what is going to happen next! We will also be use the story in our writing – to write sentences that are grammatically correct and exciting to read.

Our lovely Reading Area


As well as continuing our calculations using the four operations, we will be learning about shapes.  We will be recapping the properties of 2D shape and then moving onto 3D shape. After that we will be looking at fractions: whole, halves, quarters and thirds. We also work on our tables in Year 4 and we will be learning our 4s and 6s.





Our topic this term is “Where the Vikings really vicious and victorious?” In this topic, the children will be learning about the Vikings and Viking life. We will be find out who the Vikings were, how they lived, what their homes were like and what they ate.


In our Science, we will be learning about ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’ Children will be carrying out investigations and finding out living things and where/how they live.


In R.E. we are looking at ‘Why do some people think that life is like a journey and what significant experiences mark this?