Ayresome Primary School

Maths intent

Our aim in mathematics is to give children the confidence to use number and language effectively, and to develop their skills to reason and solve everyday problems. We understand that children have different learning styles and therefore we try to adopt a practical approach whenever possible. As they progress through the school, children are taught formal methods to help them with arithmetic.  We believe in the importance of talking about Maths to embed understanding and develop reasoning skills.


All of our children are taught the programmes of study set out in the National Curriculum for mathematics which include: 

Number and Place Value 

Addition and Subtraction 

Multiplication and Division 

Fractions, decimals and percentages


Properties of Shapes 

Position and direction 


Ratio & Proportion (Y6) 

Algebra (Y6) 


Teaching maths for mastery involves using a wide range of models and approaches that help pupils to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of mathematics at each stage of their learning so that, by the end of every school year, pupils will have acquired mastery of the mathematical facts and concepts they’ve been taught. To support us in the teaching of maths mastery, we use White Rose schemes of learning. These long-term plans support progression from year group to year group. More information about the schemes of learning for each year group can be found following the link below: 


Times Table knowledge supports mathematics understanding, methods and procedures. In school we have a whole school plan and approach. All pupils from Y2 have a Times Table Rockstars Login, which we encourage they use at home to work on their times tables: 


Some useful links full of great maths resources: 

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