Class Charter

As a class we chose 5 articles that we thought were most relevant to us. We worked together to create a special display. We believe that pupils and adults can work together to respect these rights, to help us grow as healthy as possible, learn at school, be protected, have our views listened to and be treated fairly.

Rights Respecting Articles

Article 31: We have the right to play! Children will have breaks at school in between lessons as well as learning through play in classroom based activities.

Article 24: We have the right to eat healthy food! The children will be provided with healthy snacks and healthy choices at lunch times as well as access to water.

Article 28,29 & 30: We have the right to learn! This will be achieved by each child receiving the best quality teaching and learning provided by teachers and support staff within the school.

Article 27: We have the right to a clean and safe classroom! This will be achieved in the classroom each child will take responsibility for keeping the classroom tidy as well as the teacher ensuring that it is safe and clean each day before the children arrive.

Article 6: We have the right to stay safe! This will be achieve by everyone caring for the area around us and knowing who to talk to when we are upset or hurt.