Do you want to be friends?

Cornerstones Topic

This half term the children in Reception will be learning all about themselves, their families and what makes them unique.

Our memorable moment will be having a “Guess the Baby” competition! The children will be asked to bring a baby photo to school for us to try and guess who’s who. From this we will compare the children as babies and how they are now.


As we enter our new classroom environments, we will begin to learn new ways of working and organisation.

We are excited to make new friends and learn how to work together in harmony.


We will have opportunities this half term to…

Develop our vocabulary related to our new topic. Each child will be encouraged to talk and ask questions as well as learn new words for what we are doing.

Through role play, we will be able to talk and negotiate with each other and ask questions.

Name different parts of our bodies and talk about the function of our senses.

Talk about people who help us.

Listen and join in with new and familiar rhymes and begin to make our own.


We will begin our journey in school by developing our pencil control to support our letter formation.

We will explore our own features and compare them with others in the group, asking “Are we all the same? and What are the similarities and differences between us?”

We are looking forward to starting our Yoga Bugs journey and will talk about the effects of exercise on our bodies and what we need to do to stay healthy.


We will be…

Exploring Traditional Tales that reflect different family situations.

Making books about ourselves and our families.

Retrieving information from non- fiction books about ourselves and others.


We will be…

Working with numbers to 10 and beyond, recognising, ordering and counting sets and matching to the corresponding numbers. We will be beginning to learn simple addition and subtraction as well as doubles to 3.

Collecting and recording simple data such as colour of eyes, hair and how many people live in our homes to name but a few.

Exploring shapes and patterns.

Understanding of the World

We will be…….

Exploring all aspects of ourselves, how we look, how our bodies work and our family life.

Researching people who help us and how they play an important part in our lives.

Developing Keyboard skills, naming parts of a computer, finding and completing our own programs.

Using new apps on the iPads.

Expressive Arts

We will….

Learn new songs about the body and will begin to sing our Autumn repertoire.

Explore the sounds musical instruments make and produce our own music.

Use our senses to investigate the environment.

Explore people who help us through the role play areas; doctor’s surgery, baby clinic, hospital and fire station.

Experiment with colour and paint techniques and combine media to produce individual pieces of work.