Are eggs alive?

Cornerstones Topic

During the Spring 2 Term we will be exploring the topic “Are eggs Alive?” In this topic we will be learning about baby animals, the weather the spring season brings, the life cycle of frogs and chickens, and the customs surrounding the celebration of Easter. Our role play area will be a farm and we have added a new baby area into our home corner.


We are continuing to develop the children’s language in order for them to play together, make new friends and learn how to co-operate with each other. We are helping to the children to consider others feelings and be able to help their friends.


The books during this topic consist of Non-fiction text facts about animals and their young, the life cycle of frog and chicken. We will also be joining in whole group reading to explore our favourite stories and learn about new books. We are continuing learning the first set of letters using the Read Write Inc scheme, developing our ability to identify, write and recognise initial sounds verbally.


In our Physical Development we are focusing on developing fine motor skills by using a range of different tools to mark make. We are focusing on creating different pieces and being able to talk about what we have done. Using our more controlled pencil grip we are beginning to the form letters to write our name.

Expressive Arts

We will be developing our ability to play a range of instrument and talk about how to make different sounds and rhythms. We will continue being messy! Having tuff trays with different materials that we can manipulate with our hands and explore different textures. We will create whole group art work related to our frogs and chicks topic.


In our Maths work we will be continuing counting, recalling and recognising number to 10 and beginning to count beyond. We will be learning and using positional language to describe where things are in our Nursery. We will start to develop our understanding and language of shape by finding them in our environment and what we use different shapes for.

Understanding of the World

We will be planting different spring-time plants to help develop our new garden area as well as identifying parts, texture and smells of real pants. We will learn about special events that occur during Easter time and explore the new life of animals. Having tried a range of different foods last term, we will be using fruits and vegetables to create different topical food creations.