How Many Colours in a Rainbow?

Cornerstones Topic

During the Spring Term we will be exploring the topic How Many Colours in a Rainbow? In this topic we will be learning to name colours and how to mix them to create new colours. We will explore different ways of using colour to create works of art including using our hands and feet!


In our Maths work we will be working on recalling our numbers to 10 in order and try to match numerals and quantities correctly. We will be sorting objects by colour and using the objects to make different patterns. The children will explore similarities and differences between themselves and their friends and we will create charts to show different hair and eye colours in our groups.  


We are beginning to learn our letter sounds following the Read Write Inc scheme focusing on the letters m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g and o. We will also be starting to orally blend these letter sounds to make words e.g. d-a-d dad or t-i-n tin. We will be exploring a range of different stories including Red rockets and rainbow jelly, A rainbow of my own, Brown bear, brown bear, Elmer, Rainbow Fish. We will be encouraging the children to recall and retell the stories and to talk confidently about the different characters and settings. 


In our Physical Development we are focusing on developing fine motor skills by using tweezers and threading as well as giving the children lots of opportunities to make marks using an effective tripod pencil grip. 

Understanding of the World

We will look closely at the changes in the world around us and go hunting for the first signs of spring. We will explore the different weather we can see and work with the sun and rain to grow our own plants. The children will also be encouraged to taste and cook using different coloured fruit and vegetables and talk about how food changes as we cook it.