Moon Zoom

Cornerstones Topic

This term our topic is ‘Moon Zoom’.  We will be learning about space exploration and what it is like on the Moon.  We will sample space food and also learn about the planets and their names.  We will be listening to interviews with Tim Peake and learning about astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.  

Power of Reading

We will be reading three lovely books this term.  We will start with “Beegu”, a beautiful story about a little alien whose space-ship has crashed on Earth.  We will find out her impressions of our planet through her experiences with people she meets.  Our second story is “Bob, Man on the Moon”.  This book is very lively and is about a man called Bob who travels to the Moon every day to clean it up.  There can’t be any aliens – can there?  Our final book the the term is a firm favourite – “Aliens Love Underpants”.  We will be laughing our pants off at the story and will also get the chance to decorate some of our own pants.  Let’s hope the aliens don’t steal them from our washing line!


Our maths this term focuses on number recognition and place value.  We will be revising counting to 20 and will sequence and order numbers checking our place value along the way. We will develop our skills in simple addition and subtraction and begin to count in steps of 2, 5 and 10.  In addition, we will learn common 2D and 3D shape names when we build rockets and create images as part of our topic.


In Music we will be developing a steady beat using percussion instruments and body improvisations.  We will be singing many songs, including old favourties and new ones which we will sing in assemblies.  In addition we will explore using our voices and instruments to explore making weather sounds.


This term in P.E. we will be developing our skills in throwing and catching. We will also be co-ordinating our movements in time to music on a space theme and using different parts of our bodies to balance. We will play games and build our skills in working individually and as part of a team.


Our science topic is ‘Materials’ and we will be first of all learning to identify different materials, like wood, metal, fabric, plastic and many more.  We will then explore why these materials are chosen to make certain things through investigations.  We will explore the properties of materials and learn new vocabulary like flexible, stretchy, transparent and rigid to name but a few.  Also, we will be learning about the weather and seasonal changes.  We will begin by looking at Summer and Autumn, observing changes to the trees and plants.


In R.E. this term we will be exploring three key questions:

What happens each day in the Jewish and Christian creation stories?

How do Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah?

What happens in the Nativity story and where can we find it?


All areas of learning will be enhanced using computing as children have regularly access to iPads to learn new skills and find out about areas of their topic. We will be looking at using Scratch to create a program where an alien moves around space terrain and we will also be looking at using drawing software to create our own aliens.  We will also use Lego technology to design and make Lunar Buggies and a simulated Moon landing.