British Values

British Values in Cherry:

Children in Cherry are taught British Values through our wide and varied curriculum.  We learn the value of democracy by learning about voting and choosing our school parliament representatives this way.  During our Bright Lights, Big City topic we learn about the role of the Monarchy and more about the Houses of Parliament.  

In Cherry we earn House Points which contribute towards a team goal across the whole school. We are awarded these for positive learning attitudes and for showing respect and tolerance towards others.  We begin to learn about rules and laws and why we have them, including the importance of keeping to them. We learn about a wide range of religions and faiths and are encouraged to celebrate diversity and consider similarities and differences between them.

School Parliament:

Our School Parliament Members are Darius and Mia.  Darius will attend a weekly meeting supported by Mia and feed back information to the children.  They will then take the views of the children back to Parliament.