Cornerstones Topic

Head for the coast and go beach combing, experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of the seashore. Locate beach zones including foreshore, backshore, splash zone and dunes. Look carefully at both living and non-living things and collect interesting and unusual objects. Explore rock pools using underwater viewers and carefully catch and identify rock pool creatures. Look out for coastal birds; listening for their calls, watching their behaviour and identifying their special features. Examine the surface of the sand for holes, worm casts and foot prints. Take photographs to record natural and man made features and the day’s exciting adventures! Collect sea water in a bottle and a range of washed-up seaweed to take back to school for further investigation.Are you ready for exploring?

Power of Reading

During the Summer term, we will be reading “The Snail and the Whale'” by Julia Donaldson and “The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch”. All of our writing will be topic related and we are so excited to predict what each book will be about and get to know the characters, setting and plot. We will be learning to write complex sentences, using the correct punctuation. We will also be looking at using suffixes to spell longer words correctly. We hope you get the chance to read some of our work!


In Maths, we will be recapping everything we have learnt in Year 2. This is so we are ready for our Year 2 SATS. We will be mainly looking at problem solving and the four functions; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will continue with our daily CLIC sessions to improve our mental arithmetic and speedy recall of facts.


We will be learning lots of different songs during the Summer term and we will perform them in assemblies. We will also be learning to use our voice and our body parts as instruments to make different sounds to a piece of music. We can’t wait to use our best singing voices and show everyone what we can do. We will incorporate music into our maths and topic lessons too!


The children will take part in outdoor PE including team games and athletics, ready for Sports Day. All children will need a pair of trainers or plimsolls in school to wear during out door PE.


This half term we are investigating a variety of creatures and their habitats with a particular focus on sealife. We will be developing our understanding of what makes a test fair when carrying out investigations.


In RE, will be focusing on the following key questions during Spring term:

How and why do special places and symbols help people show what they believe?
Why is Jesus important to Christians?
What does it mean to belong to a faith community


In ICT we will be learning to develop our mouse skills, learning about digital resilience, accessing word and number games on the computer. We will also be focusing on using a keyboard