Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Cornerstones Topic

This term we will be finding out about towers, tunnels and turrets. We will visit a local castle, where we will listen and ask lots of questions. We will read information books, find out why castles were built and then write a report. 

Power of Reading

This half term in English we will read various traditional stories, particularly “Rapunzel”, “Rumplestiltskin” and “Cinderella”. We will be writing letters, exploring a variety of characters,  developing our sentence structures and making sure our handwriting is beautiful. 

Throughout Year 2, we will be continuing our journey to becoming fluent and competent readers. We are all very excited to start reading new books and learning new sounds.


In the Autumn term we will be focusing a lot of number. We will be counting forwards and backwards to 100 and also in steps of 2, 3 and 5. We will Identify, represent and estimate numbers to 100 using different representations including the number line. We will explore different methods of calculation including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be working with money. 


We will read, learn and join in with rhymes, poems and songs. Also, we will accompany some pieces of music with percussion instruments and experience singing in parts, and rounds.


This half term in PE we will be developing our fundamental movement skills. This includes running, jumping, hopping, balancing and co-ordination. We will apply these skills when we are playing a variety of games.


Our focus this half term in Science will be materials. We will look at the properties of different materials and decide which materials are most suitable for different things. We will also be carrying out an investigation where we will observe the degradable properties of alive, dead and never been alive materials when they are placed in a jar of salty water for six weeks.


This term in RE we will be finding out about how Christians believe the world began and will talk about things that are special to us. After that, we will be learning about Holy books including The Quran, The Torah and The Bible.


This half term in Computing we will be developing the skills necessary to log onto the computer using our own username and password. We will also be using the internet to research castles and using a paint programme to design our own.