A Child’s War

Cornerstones Topic

Our topic for Autumn is ‘A Child’s War’.  We will be learning all about World War 2, but from a child’s perspective.  We will be finding out what it meant to be evacuated from the towns to the countryside, using maps to find cities which were bombed.   In our D.T. lessons, we will build an Anderson shelter and test its strength. We will look at how rationing affected families and will make some of our own wartime food.  Towards the conclusion of our topic, we will even be organising a V.E. Day party to celebrate the end of the war!

Power of Reading

In order to fully submerse ourselves in the topic, our English will be driven by the Power of Reading text ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’.  This is the story of a young boy who is evacuated to the countryside during World War 2.  We will be using the text as a stimulus for writing diary entries, postcards, a newspaper report and narrative.

In reading we will be focusing on speed reading and developing our inference and deduction skills.



In our maths sessions we will start by working on place value – comparing, ordering and rounding numbers up to 1,000,000.  Following this is four weeks of number – in which we will be using all four operations to solve problems, performing mental calculations and working with factors, multiples and prime numbers.  We will move onto fractions after half-term, comparing and ordering; adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing; and simplifying.  This will followed by lessons in geometry, in which we will be working with coordinates.


We will be getting into the groove by exploring rhythm and melody in singing, movement and dance. We will learn about beat, syncopation, pitch and harmony, and take a trip around the world to celebrate the universal language of music.


 In PE the children will be developing the skills and understanding to enable them to play netball.  They will also  be improving their gymnastic skills, developing sequences of gymnastics moves to perform.


In science we will be learning all about our heart and circulatory system.  We will learn about how the heart, lungs and blood vessels work together.  We will also consider how our diets and lifestyles impact on our bodies.


In RE we will be exploring what worship is and how it is expressed.  Following this we will be exploring festivals of light which occur in the Autumn term, such as Diwali, Halloween, Advent, Christmas and Hannukah.


In computing the children will be learning computer programming.  They will be writing advanced programmes with Scratch, progressing to learning to write programmes for the Raspberry Pi computer.  There will also be opportunities for the children to use the internet to carry out online historical research into the events of World War 2.