Frozen Kingdom

Cornerstones Topic

Our topic, “Frozen Kingdom” covers lots of Geography, Art, Computing, DT, History, Maths, Music, PE and Science. In Geography we will be using maps to locate various places as well as finding longitude, latitude, the equator, tropic of Cancer and Capricorn.  In Art we will be using sketch books to record our observations. Computing will involve using the internet effectively to research. DT, we will be selecting from a variety of tools. We will have the opportunity to compose our own pieces of music. In Maths we will be using negative numbers linked to temperatures. During PE we will work in teams to complete a variety of challenges. In Science we will look at how plants and animals adapt to suit their environments.

Power of Reading

During the Spring term, we will be using “Shackleton’s Journey” as the stimulus for our writing. This is a non-fiction book about the explorer Ernest Shackleton. We will be writing a variety of genres including formal letters, balanced arguments and a newspaper report. Come and visit our classroom to look at some of our fantastic work.

Throughout Year 6, we will be continuing our journey to becoming fluent and competent readers who can infer and deduct.


In Maths, we will be looking at Geometry; in particular position and direction, Decimal numbers, Percentages, Ratio and Statistics.


We will be learning lots of different songs during the Spring term and we will perform them in assemblies. We can’t wait to use our best singing voices and show everyone what we can do.


This term we will be learning new skills in Hockey.


In Science, we are extending our current knowledge about living things and their habitats and evolution and inheritance.


In R.E. we will be focusing on:

How and why do religious people celebrate festivals (emphasis on Baisakhi)?

What food do the Chinese like to eat, especially at New Year, and why?

What symbols are associated with Easter and what do they mean?


ICT: Office assessment and Mindstorms – Hydro Challenge

The first three weeks of the new term will be used to create a learning portfolio for each student. This will cover all aspects of Microsoft office.