British Values

British Values in Beech:

Children in Beech are taught British Values through a wide and varied curriculum. When voting and electing our School Parliament members for our class, we are learning the value of democracy.

Within PSHE and our topic curriculum we learn about the key British Values and how they have an impact on our daily life.

In Beech we work as a team within the whole school team earning house points for our positive learning and attitude and showing respect and tolerance towards all children and staff we are working with.

Through this we are beginning to learn about rules and laws and why we have them and also the importance of why we should follow them.

During our RE lessons we learn about different faiths and religions and are encouraged to celebrate a wide range of diversity, recognising similarities and differences of the children within our class and the wider school community.

Our School Parliament Members:

Our School Parliament Members are Tejveer and Thea.  Tejveer will attend a weekly meeting supported by Thea and they will report back to the class.  They will then take the views of the class back to Parliament.