Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Cornerstones Topic

In Topic we are studying the digestive system and describing the simple functions of the digestive system in humans and animals. We will also be identifying different types of teeth in humans and their functions before discussing tooth decay and how to look after our bodies and teeth. In PSHE lessons, we will learn about what makes a healthy lifestyle, including the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, what affects mental health, and how to make informed choices. Later in the term the children will be part of a project around designing and creating their own gigantic digestive system! 

Power of Reading

In English, the children will be reading the text ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ by Kate DiCamillo. Our writing will link to the text to engage and support the children in writing diary entries, recounts and stories. We will be looking at comprehension and fluency in our reading sessions to develop the children’s ability to understand what they read. GPS, spelling and handwriting will also be addressed.


In Maths the children will be looking at addition and subtraction first and then moving on to studying multiplication and division. There will be a big push on times tables and reasoning so children can apply what they have learnt to a range of questions and contexts. We will teach CLIC all term to improve the children’s arithmetic ability. Later in the term we will focus on measures and problem solving.


This term we will be working on composing our own lyrics for a song in our topic lessons about the digestive system. 


The topic for next half term is still going to be Games – Attacking and Defending, Striking and Fielding (Tennis, Football, Cricket, Rounders).but focusing on more cricket this term.


In Science the children will learn about the human digestive system. They will be introduced to the main body parts associated with the digestive system; the mouth, tongue, teeth, oesophagus, stomach, intestines, rectum and anus. They will learn that the role of the digestive system is to break down the food we eat so that the nutrients, energy and other requirements we derive from it can be used in the rest of the body. They will learn about how food can be broken down through mechanical and chemical processes. They will learn in more detail about the roles of the different types of teeth in breaking food down, and how to care for their teeth. They will also learn about milk teeth and permanent teeth. There are also opportunities for children to investigate questions around toothpastes.


We will be covering three key questions this term and we are hoping to visit a religious building. These questions are:

  • What is worship and how is it expressed in houses of worship?
  • What art and craft activities do Chinese people engage in at New Year and why?
  • What is Lent and what do different Christians do during Lent and why?


Mindstorms using Sensors.
This term the pupils are going to use block code to control the robots to complete given tasks. This introduces them to more complex algorithms. They are going to introduce multiple sessions to their programmes and apply this understanding to more complex problems.