There’s no end to the summer for Hickory class. We will be welcoming the new academic year by exploring all things beach! We will be using our senses to spot, sniff and seek out unusual objects found at the seaside. Using our map skills, we will locate geographical features of the coastline and explore our local beach during a memorable experience. Hopefully we will be able to see the habitats of animals who live there. Sunglasses at the ready!

Power of Reading

Our new texts for Autumn will be “The Snail and the Whale” and “Tiddler” by one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. We will be focusing on narrative writing such as setting and character description, story structure and story language. Some of the tasks will include making predictions, debating a character’s feelings and thoughts, writing in role and performing our writing to an audience.

Throughout Year 5 we will be working on developing our reading skills and exploring a variety of different texts. Not only will we be comparing a range of poetry, non-fiction and fiction text but we will be developing our inference and deduction as well as comprehension skills.


In maths, we will be looking at place value, addition and subtraction. We will be using Numicon and Dienes to explore our knowledge of number and applying our understanding to real life problems. We will spend time in teams discussing problems together and practice using our mathematical vocabulary to explain answers and ideas.


We will be focusing this year on using our voices with expression, playing musical instruments to a beat and developing our skills in creating our own music and playing it to an audience. We hope to show off our skills in assemblies and performances throughout the year.


Our skills in running, jumping, throwing and catching will be developed over this term. We will be making the most of our outdoor spaces to practice these skills and using them in team games. We will also be working on our balance and co-ordination, as well as performing dances using simple movements.


In Science, this term we will be looking at living things and their habitats. We will be linking this to our Beachcombers topic and tying in a visit to a local beach. We will be exploring the animals who make the coast their home, the plants that grow there and how they link together in food chains.


In RE, will be focusing on the following three key questions during Autumn term:

What do creation stories teach about God?

Why are holy books special?

Why is Christmas special for believers?

We will be focusing on Christianity and Judaism and the beliefs Christians and Jews have about God. This will lead to Christmas time where we will use our knowledge and understanding to contribute to a Christmas performance.



This term in computing we will be learning how to use the computer and internet appropriately to retrieve information and present findings. The children will also be creating and debugging simple programs. We will be integrating computing into the rest of our curriculum across the term.