Cornerstones Topic

Tremors… What are they? Why do they happen? These are some of the questions will be trying to answer in our topic lessons this term. We will be learning about volcanoes and rocks, discussing the local area and important events in history and around the world.

Power of Reading

We will be reading the book Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf in the spring term, writing a range of texts based on the book. We will write characters descriptions using fantastic adjectives and a story with an interesting plot. A varied amount of vocabulary, conjunctions, openers and punctuation will be the key to success!


In Mathematics, we will be learning about measurement. We will be choosing the correct tool to measure different objects and we learn how to calculate the perimeter. We will also be solving problems based on measurements using mixed units, for examples metres and centimetres. We will also be consolidating our knowledge of addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. We will discuss the relationship between these operations and solve problems using our mathematical knowledge. During the Spring term, we will be dedicating a large amount of time to fractions. We will learn how to find fractions of amounts, count in fractions and add fractions with the same denominator.


In music we will be singing a range of songs as a class and as a phase, singing along with Mr Chambers on the piano. We will perform these songs as a whole school towards the end of each half term.


In PE we will be learning a range of balances and movements in gymnastics, building up a short performance. We will also be developing our ball skills, such as dribbling with our feet and throwing and catching.


This term we are completing the ‘Rock Detectives’ unit of work. We will learn about different types of rocks and their uses and properties. We will link our scientific knowledge with the knowledge we gain in our Tremors Topic lessons.


We will be exploring how different religions celebrate different festivals and also how religious people make choices and decisions based on their beliefs. We will be gaining a better understanding of how different religions give thanks, remember and celebrate during different festivals, such as Christmas, Easter and Eid.


Technology, such as iPads, will be used in the classroom to complete a range of different tasks such as, online maths games and research. Computer science lessons will also be taught using the computer suite and LEGO workshop.