Tribal Tales

Cornerstones Topic

In the topic Tribal Tales we will be learning all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will research and investigate how people lived during this time in history by being budding archaeologists and trying to recreate items these people would have used. This topic will be linked to our science work, where we will be planting grain crops grown and learning about what foods they would have made with them. In Tribal Tales we will be covering many Geography, Art and Design, Music, PSHE, PE, History and Design and Technology objectives.

Power of Reading

We will be reading Lila and the Secret of Rain in the Autumn term and writing a range of texts based on this book. We will get to know all about the characters, settings and plot from the book and discuss how and why the author chose different writing techniques in the book.  We will develop our writing to ensure we always use correct punctuation, use a wealth of different vocabulary and vary our sentence types of conjunctions.


At the beginning of maths we will be consolidating our previous knowledge and learning new things about place value, addition and subtraction. We will compare numbers up to 1000 and identify each digit. Afterwards, we will be adding and subtracting both mentally and using written methods.


In music we will be singing a range of different songs and will have the opportunity to perform these in assemblies. Music will also be taught within our topic lessons. 


In PE we will be learning techniques for throwing and catching and various other multi skills and discussing how these skills can be applied to different sports.  Children will be provided with a PE kit, but not trainers, so please ensure children have appropriate footwear.


Throughout our science lessons we will be expanding our knowledge about plants, including leaves, roots, water transportation and new plants. We will be little scientists by investigating why tree are tall and ask do plants have legs or not!


During the Autumn in RE we will ask three important questions: What is God like and how does believing in God influence people’s lives? Why do believers often see life as a journey and what significant events mark this journey? What is Advent and what happens during this season? We will discuss these questions with the emphasis on Christianity and Islam.


Throughout all subjects we will make use of computing by using iPads and computers. In computer science lessons we will learn how to use office-based programs, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We will also use LEGO in the LEGO workshop.