Cornerstones Topic

We will be looking at wildlife and creatures from around our local coastline. We will investigate micro habitats and how these can change through the course of the day.

Power of Reading

We will read “The Snail and the Whale”.


Year 6 will be looking at place value and how digits can represent parts of whole number. We will use addition to find totals and investigate subtraction problems when looking for a remainder when working with money and decimals. We will be using all our times tables to help with quick recall of number facts. Properties of 2d and 3d shape will be investigated and how these shapes can be translated through an angle.


This half term we will be experimenting with different sounds and musical equipment. We will also be learning a variety of songs that relate to our topic. 


We will be learning new ball skills this half term including chest pass as we have a strong focus on netball. 


We will look at how creatures have adapted to their environment and classify materials into a number of categories. We will be creating a fair test and checking our hypotheses when predicting the outcome of each experiment. We will record outcomes using bar graphs and tally charts.


We will learn about how some people worship in special places and about festivals of light from around the world.


We are linking our computer skills to Lego, topic and maths!

Raspberry PI

Year 6 are going to move into new territory this term and start to develop their understanding of Python code using a Raspberry PI. This will give them a greater understanding of the functionality and structure of code. We will start with simple designs them move onto controlling devices through programming.