Frozen Kingdom

Cornerstones Topic

This half term our topic is Frozen Kingdom. We will be looking at the planet’s coldest lands… vast wilds, hostile territories, incredibly beautiful yet often deadly. We will investigate the humans and animals that live in these icy conditions and we will have wonderful fun creating some icy masterpieces!

Power of Reading

Our text for this term will be Shackleton’s Journey.


We will begin this term by focussing on fractions. We will then move on to developing our knowledge of telling the time in both 12 and 24 hour clocks. We will solve a wide range of problems to help draw all of our knowledge and understanding together.


This half term we will be experimenting with different sounds and musical equipment. We will also be learning a variety of songs that relate to our topic.


Our focus will be the sport of hockey this term. We will be learning how to tackle an opponent safely using a hockey stick.


We will look at how animals and people adapt to their environment. We will also create a fair test and check our hypotheses when predicting the outcome of each experiment. We will record outcomes using bar graphs and tally charts.


We will learn about how some people worship in special places and about festivals of light from around the world.


Office assessment and Mindstorms – Hydro Challenge
The first three weeks of the new term will be used to create a learning portfolio for each student. This will cover all aspects of Microsoft office. I need to check that all the students are Secondary School Ready.