Palms is a nurture class meeting the needs of individual children who need some extra pastoral and curricular attention to meet their full potential. In September 2017, we will be focusing upon the rising number of pupils who enter during the school year outside admission times. This is to ensure that they are settled, nurtured and correctly assessed for their pathway class. 


Mission statement: We always try a bit harder than yesterday!


Who works in this room? From November 2017 Mrs S Sidhu.


Class motto – Learning is fun!

What we enjoy learning about – we love stories, especially when we get to act out scenes in role-play. We are finding the maths problem solving work lots of fun, particularly when we have concrete objects to help!

Class Charter

The children in Palms think that these three articles are the most important rights for children around the world. We will spend time each week thinking about how these can be achieved, and use our circle time to discuss them.

Article 24

Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must work to provide good quality health care, clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment so that children can stay healthy. Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

Article 28

Every child has the right to an education. Primary education must be free. Secondary education must be available for every child. Discipline in schools must respect children’s dignity. Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

Article 31

Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

We chose to write the rights of the children on hands, and display them reaching out to everyone.