Stem Week

stem week

STEM Week at Ayresome

Ayresome Primary School took part in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Our aim is to inspire the children to gain the knowledge and confidence to rise to the challenges before them as critical thinkers and effective problem solvers.

Both the staff and students were excited about taking part in many of the engineering activities and science experiments.

Year 4 Hawthorn

For STEM week 2016 we have been concentrating on different types of renewable energy. We were presented with a problem: an island that did not have any electricity. We explored how this would affect the islanders lives and thought of ways that we could make a difference. In the Lego hub, we have created different types of renewable energy with Lego- solar, wind and human power. Over the week we have worked scientifically, analysed and presented data in bar charts and applied our skills in English to a radio script, balanced argument and letter! We celebrated our hard work at the end of the week by competing in a presentation- to see which group was the most persuasive and informative about which type of energy would benefit the island the most. We have really enjoyed learning about renewable energy and the impact that it can have.

Year 4 Juniper

During STEM week we have been looking at the best source of renewable energy to supply a village who has no consistent energy supply. Within our Literacy we debated and protested the advantages and disadvantages of wind power and summarised our findings in a balanced argument. In maths we looked at data for renewable energy supplies and recorded these in bar and lien graphs. We also interpreted data we had been given. Over the course of the week the children enjoyed practical sessions in the ICT/lego suite where they build, tested and investigated different types of renewable energy sources.

What a fantastic week had by both children and staff!

Year 2

Our children have been getting hands on in the classroom this week. We have been experimenting and investigating, as well as writing recipes! We’ve tasted and created our very own sherbets.  We’ve investigated how much fat is in certain foods, such as crisps, cake and bread. We had a fun time making bread and discovering how much the yeast makes bread rise! Using different solutions we have found out what to use to clean pennies – we found out range juice was the best cleaner! On Friday we made our own fruit salad but the apples turned brown very quickly, so we tested the different ways we could stop the apples browning.




The last week of Summer 1 was STEM week. The children in Reception used the Story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff as their inspiration and produced some fabulous work. The children designed and made their own bridges on both a large and small scale. They thought carefully about how to make them strong and safe enough for their friends to cross when working in the outdoor area and balanced toy goats on their bridges whilst retelling the story inside. The children also designed a healthy snack for the troll to try to persuade him not to eat the goats. The children used what they had learned in their hand washing sessions earlier in the term to talk about food hygiene. I was particularly pleased with the writing and art work the children have produced as a result of this weeks learning. Well done Alder, you really are awesome!

Year 1

We had a fabulous start to our STEM week with a visit from ‘Professor Einstein’.  He showed us lots of experiments including the diet coke and mentos explosion.  We found out that using a narrower funnel produced a taller geyser. One of our favourite parts was watching the rocket balloons.  One of them flew higher than the trees and eventually landed outside of school! We were then shown how to make the balloon travel along a wire. We got to predict how far it would travel and repeated the investigation for scientific accuracy.  After that we learnt how to make a balloon blow up by using a chemical reaction – we helped the professor mix vinegar with baking soda with a balloon over a bottle.  The mix caused carbon dioxide to be released and this gas blew up the balloon.  We were thrilled!  Finally we were shown how to blow a balloon up using air pressure and suction.  We could not believe the air stayed in the balloon without deflating!

A fun and interesting morning was had by all and it was a great way to inspire us to do our own investigations.



In class we put to use our knowledge about different materials and completed a range of experiments to test suitability. We made our own kites or worked in groups to design and make them, choosing our own materials for the frame, sails and tails.  Some kites flew and others didn’t but we learnt how to improve our designs and the importance of a strong frame.  We then watched videos of working windmills and how they have been used throughout history for different purposes.  We designed and made our own pinwheel kite using and choosing our own materials once again.  We found out that felt was a poor choice as it was not rigid.  Our best results came from paper or card, but we loved the prettiness of the paper with a foil backing, though it did spin slower in the wind!  For our final investigation, we designed and made our own aeroplanes for a class competition.  We discovered that using paper with a foil backing made the plane do a loop and land upside-down!  The newspaper made a longer flight with slower speed, but did not travel a good distance.  The best material to use was a card one, and making it streamlined made some of our planes travel to the end of the hall.  WOW!



Quotes from Y4 children

Finely, Juniper – I have enjoyed building models to see which produces the most energy.


Karl, Juniper – I enjoyed testing the wind power.


Avram, Juniper – I liked building the solar panel car and testing it outside.


Olivia, Juniper – I have enjoyed building, testing and investigating the different renewable energy sources.


Sana, Hawthorn – Solar is a good source of energy because when sunlight hits the solar panel it generates electricity. It doesn’t have to be a very bright day- we found out that even in non-direct sunlight the solar panel will produce some joules of energy.


Alam, Hawthorn -Renewable energy is energy that should never run out. We are using too many of the worlds natural resources, like wood, and not replacing them. If we continue to do this our world will not be the same.


Lucia, Hawthorn – There are many different types of renewable energy- solar, wind, manual, geothermal, tidal… I understand now how important using renewable energy is. The government has a plan for people in the UK to use at least 15% of electricity from renewable energy sources before 2020.

stemQuotes from Y1 children

Sebastien, Cherry – My favourite part of the science show was when the rocket balloon blasted off into the sky.

Nayab, Fir – My favourite part of the show was when the balloon flew across the line to the other side of the theatre because it went really quickly.

Charley, Cherry – I liked when the Coca Cola exploded from the bottle into the sky because it flew up high.

Alfie, Fir – I liked when the balloon was blown up inside the plastic bottle because it looked like magic.

Khurram, Cherry – The best part was when the balloon was blown up by the vinegar and baking soda.

Sibu, Fir – The best part was when I got a balloon flower hat to keep because I helped Professor Einstein.

Year 1 Fir – We loved all of it because the Professor was AWESOME!

Year 1 Cherry – Professor Einstein was funny and the science experiments were cool