Welcome to Reception, a place where your children will grow and develop a love of learning through play. We are a large multicultural setting with diverse cultures, needs and beliefs. We promote our core values; support, togetherness, achieve, respect and success.

Our warm and welcoming environment includes three reception classes with an additional group learning space. In each class, the children will have the opportunity to access all areas through continuous provision, which include; sand, water, construction, malleable, role play, writing, reading and maths. There are a wide range of physical opportunities and activities inside and outside for children to access throughout the day. We value every child’s individual creativity, choosing own resources and using small tools such as scissors. We encourage and scaffold children’s independence in self-care, dressing, toileting and feeding themselves.

Every child, regardless of their starting point, will have the opportunity to thrive and succeed.


Welcome to Chestnut class.  

I am Mrs McCaw the Class Teacher and Mrs Hart is our Teaching Assistant. Mrs Hart and I have worked at Ayresome Primary School for many years, in more recent years, teaching the youngest children from 2 year olds to year 1.  

In Chestnut we like to have fun and be creative. We are a lively class and enjoy singing and being active. We love to explore outside and notice seasonal changes in the environment.  

Our classroom has many exciting areas including sand, water, role play and creative. We love to pour water and often get ourselves and the floor a little wet!! We enjoy painting pictures and creating using the junk modelling and creative area. Our favourite activities are role play, playdough and construction. Coming to school is so much fun!  

We love to learn through play and through sharing lots of exciting stories. 

Welcome to Alder class.

I’m Mrs Collinson and I have worked at Ayresome for 4 years. Mrs Murray is our HLTA and Miss Hussain and Miss Jordan are our 1-1 support TA’s.

In Alder class, we love to create. We enjoy using paint, pens and lots of different resources to make brilliant pictures and models.

In our class, we take care of each other and help each other learn because we are all friends. We speak lots of different languages but this doesn’t stop us communicating or playing together. We celebrate our achievements each day and this makes us smile. Everybody has the opportunity to speak and be heard. We love to tell each other stories about what we have been doing at home on an evening and over the weekend. The children love to hear stories about my naughty Labrador, Willow. The children like to tell me all about their pets too.


Welcome to Hazel class

Welcome to Hazel Class.  We love to paint and make things in the craft area! Our favourite story at the moment is The Gruffalo and we often look out for him around the outdoor area when we are playing outside!

At the moment Hazel Class have been thinking about living a healthy lifestyle- we have been exercising and resting then checking our pulse, we have looked at different kinds of healthy food and where they come from and we have been making sure we go to bed on time so we can get lots of sleep.

Our teacher Miss Robinson really enjoys singing counting songs with us- her favourite is ‘5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer’. Our teaching assistant Mrs Huskinson loves sharing a story with us- she even uses different voices for each character!

Take a look at our lovely photos to see what we have been up to…