At Ayresome we teach Computing using the aims and objectives from the National Curriculum. The aim of Computing is to teach children how to use technology in a range of ways and to understand how to use technology in a safe way. Computing has deep links with mathematics, science, and design and technology and can support learning across these subjects. The core of computing is computer science, in which pupils are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work, and how to put this knowledge to use through programming. We aim to ensure that all of our children become digitally literate an able to make informed choices in a digital world. The use of technology is now essential in many aspects of life and children need to be equipped with the skills to embrace emerging technology and to use it efficiently. We ensure that all children understand how to use the internet safely and how to safeguard their own personal data when using websites and apps. We have invested in a range of computers and devices including PC’s, laptops, ipads and we continue to review the programs and apps that we use across school. Our school is well-equipped with LEGO resources that enhance our teaching of coding and enable children to use their skills in a practical way. 


At Ayresome all children have weekly access to a suite of computers, laptops and ipads in each phase. Opportunities are provided for children to take part in after school Computing and LEGO clubs during the school year. We have a dedicated suite of LEGO resources so that children can take part in Computing sessions with a focus on coding and problem solving. Children are taught from an early age to create and debug simple programs to move a remote controlled device or to plot a sequence of actions. Further up school this work takes shape as children begin to plan complex programs and to use LEGO kits to build and operate devices to carry out tasks. Children are encouraged to research using the internet and to seek information in a range of areas in school and outside of school. We have a large number of Apple ipads in each Phase so that children can be independent when using devices as part of their learning and can use on-screen features in an efficient way. Opportunities are given for children to use all programs from the Office Suite as and when appropriate. This is seen around school in some of the children’s own work displayed which includes photographs, word-processed writing pieces and examples of art work created using digital resources. 


Our Computing curriculum and opportunities aim to improve outcomes for children in this area of study and also enhance their work and progress across all subjects where technology is used. Children become digitally literate and are ready to confidently use technology at home and at school. Children in the Early Years will have access to a range of devices and remote controlled toys and resources so that they can explore simple technologies independently and use them in their learning and play. Children across school are encouraged to use technology where appropriate to support their learning in all subjects and to share their work on relevant platforms.