E Safety

E Safety


E-Safety is the responsible and safe use of technology, but it’s not just computers and the internet. E-safety can be applied to other forms of technology, such as mobile phones.

All children access regular E-safety curriculum delivery. The school follows national guidelines and the Rising Stars Internet safety curriculum package for all ages. Curricular opportunities concerning E-safety for example; issues surrounding chartrooms, social networking and instant messaging, are discussed regularly and we actively encourage children to tell someone if they have issues about their on-line experience.

Our E-Safety policy can be viewed on our policies page.

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click ceop

This button is your door to internet safety advice and help. If you use social networking areas or other sites offering chat or contact with online buddies then look for it.

kids smart

Remember, click on this link to Kids Smart for advice on how to stay safe!

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Think you know website offers great advice too, click on the link!

Click here to download our POLIT leaflet