Park House (2 & 3 Year old provision)

During this half term Pippins and Saplings children will be exploring spring. The children will have the opportunity to explore the natural environment surrounding our school and collect objects of interest. The children will be able to explore and develop their creativity through an array of mark making activities designed to allow the children to think independently and make their own choices.

During this half term we will learn about animals we may see in the spring time and where they live. Number, colour, language development and social skills we be targeted and developed throughout this half term.

We will discuss our surrounding environment and the communities we are part of as well as who lives in our home and what our home looks like. There will also be a strong focus on reading opportunities for our children with traditional tales being explored and to develop play

People Who Help Us.

Over the next six weeks we are going to be covering the following in each area of learning.

Personal Social and Emotional Development
Making relationships

This half term some of our Pippins children will be transitioning to school Nursery where they will continue to build relationships with people who are special to them. Pippins will welcome new starters and support the children to leave their careers independently as they begin to establish relationships with their key workers.

Self Confidence and Self Awareness

This half term the children will be supported by staff as they become settles and confident within the setting. The children will work with their key workers to enable them to vocalise their needs and wants as well as to take part in social activities such as baking.

Managing feelings and behaviour
Activities will be purposeful in affording the children opportunities to manage and develop their behaviours, with a view on how we like to be treated and how we should treat the people we care about. Staff will support the children to take turns and share in group activities. Staff will model how to use kind words to each other and how to help each other.

Physical development

Moving and Handling
We are going to be working on developing our muscles, and movements to ensure that our fine motor skills are improving to help with our writing. We are going to be working on the large apparatus developing our balance skills, climbing skills and travelling skills. We will be working with Mr Adams, Sports Coach, to encourage the children to feel confident enough to ‘have a go’ and to manage safe risks.

Health and Self Care
We are continue to work on becoming much more independent in everyday skills, such as dressing ourselves, putting on our coats, going to the toilet ourselves, and feeding ourselves using knife  fork, spoons and cups.

Communication and language
Listening and Attention

Across Pippins and Saplings the children will be developing their listening skills and attention attainment. Staff will support children to ensure they can carry out simple tasks developing to more complex instructions. The children will have at least 3 reading opportunities per day where they can continue to develop their listening skills.

This half term we will be working with the children to enhance their understanding of what is being said t them. We aim to do this through small group activities and on a 1-1 basis. Staff will support the children to develop their cognitive understanding by carrying out age appropriate tasks and identify characters and objects in familiar stories.

This half term the children will work closely with their key workers to develop language and extend their vocabularies. A sentence of the week will be included in carpet time sharing to support the children’s ability to express their needs. For example “ I would like water please”. Pippins children will follow the Letters and Sounds programme whilst the nursery children will continue the BLAST programme. Additionally extra reading opportunities will provide the children with an extensive vocabulary.


We continue our journey of early reading, enjoying sharing stories with adults in our setting and at home. We are becoming so much more skilled at retelling familiar stories using role-play mask, puppets, fingers puppets and story stones, this half term we will continue to practice and develop these skills.

Traditional tales we will be reading this half term are:
Jack and the Beanstalk

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The three little pigs
We are also aiming to learn four poems this half term and eight nursery rhymes:

Chop, Chop

Pointy Hat

The Wise Old Owl

Falling Apples

Five Little Ducks

Five Little Monkeys

Humpty Dumpty

The Wheels on the Bus

Miss Polly had a Dolly

Hickory Dickory Dock

Rock a Bye Baby

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Nursery children will continue to learn phonics set one sounds – s a t p i n

We continue to spend time working on developing our early writing process by ensuring that our fine motor skills are been developed. We are strengthen and moving of our shoulders, elbows and wrist.
We shall do this by mopping the floor, sweeping the floor, throwing beanbags and balls, riding scooters and bikes, climbing, balancing, playing like a Jedi, threading, screwing nuts and bolts together, and working through the dough disco program. We are also making marks and talking about what we have written.

We will have the opportunity in Nursery this half term to work on number recognition to 10 and for those of us that can we will work on numbers beyond 10. We will be spending time developing our one to one correspondence and matching amounts to numerals. We will learn a range of different number songs and nursery rhymes to aid our love of number.

A fabulous tool that we will be using through the half term to help aid our mathematical development is CBBC Number Blocks

Shape Space and Measures
We will investigate shapes in the local environment and through model making. We are going to try to name each shape that we can see, especially, a circle, a square, a triangle and a rectangle. We will use shapes in interesting ways through our construction play and creative play.

Understanding the World

Spring brings an abundance of opportunities for exploring the world around us. This half term will be looking at the diverse communities we are part of and learn about differences we share and how these make us special.

People and Communities,

The World

This half term we will be exploring the environment around us, paying attention to what we see, hear and small every day. We will visit the green space and listen to the different sounds we can hear. The children can collect natural objects such as pine cones and leaves which they can use to create their artwork with.


This half term we will be using torches to help us look for objects as well as exploring light and dark. We shall also be working on developing our numeracy skills through programs on top marks

Expressive Arts
Being Imaginative

During this half term we will be introducing forest animals into our rile play area. Additionally, we will be developing our role-play area into a garden centre and later in the term a flower shop.

Media and Materials
This half term we are going to be working with a range of creative material textures and colours to enhance our creativity. Natural objects will be added to support creative development where possible. Staff will encourage the children express their creative talents throughput the half term 

What can you do at home?

Share books with the children

Sing Nursery Rhymes with your child

Talk to your child about what they have done in nursery after each session

Count as you walk up the stairs

Talk about numbers they can see in the environment

Talk about shapes that you can see in the environment