Park House (2 & 3 Year old provision)

Our first topic for the Summer term is, ‘Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?’ In this topic we will learn about healthy eating and how we can help keep our bodies healthy. We will explore foods in many forms, fresh, tinned, and frozen. It will be a messy topic but lots of fun to be had by all! We will explore the jobs people do to keep us safe and healthy, doctors, dentist, Police and firemen. We will have the opportunity to role-play being a fireman or doctor and we will learn about their roles in our community. Our traditional tales for this half term are The Little Red Hen and The Enormous Turnip. We will enjoy singing many songs together and reading lots of stories about food.


  • We will seek out others to share our experiences with as we play together and learn about people who keep us safe.
  • We will begin to express our own preferences and interests in the foods we like to eat.
  • We will learn to express our own feelings as we play with our friends and take part in new experiences.



  • We will listen with interest to noises adults make when they read stories.
  • We will show an interest with playing with sounds, songs and rhymes.
  • We will develop an understanding of ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ in simple questions (e.g. Who’s that/can? What’s that? Where is.?).
  • We will begin to understand simple questions and action pictures.
  • We will learn new words rapidly and we will use them when communicating throughout our play.


  • We will be developing our fine motor skills playing with playdough, threading and our mark making area.
  • We will be making big movements, sweeping, drawing, dancing, throwing and catching to help us develop our gross motor skills.
  • We will be developing the ability to dress and undress ourselves during role play and wearing aprons.