Saplings (Nursery)


Our first topic for the summer term is, ‘Why can’t I have chocolate for breakfast?’ In this topic, we will learn about healthy eating and how we can help keep our bodies healthy. We will go on a picnic to the Harry Potter hall, making our own sandwiches and packed lunches and talk about what food is healthy.  We will explore the jobs people do to keep us safe and healthy, doctors, dentist, Police and firemen. We will have the opportunity to role-play being a fireman or doctor and we will learn about their roles in our community.  We will invite the fire brigade and the Police into School to talk to us about their jobs and have a change to see they equipment they use.



Communication, Language and Literacy

  • We will be singing lots of songs, such a Miss Polly had a Dolly, 5 Cheeky Monkeys and learning some new songs about people with different jobs. 
  • We will explore non-fiction texts about different people who help us – Finding out facts and information.
  • We will develop our ability to listen to a story and begin to recall main characters, events and we will begin to join in with repetitive refrains
  • We will ask questions about what we are reading to gain a better understanding and expand our knowledge.
  • This half terms traditional tale will be ‘Goldilocks and the 3 bears’.   We will be re-visiting ‘The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Jack and the Beanstalk.’


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


  • We will recap how to look after animals and look at what a vet’s job is all.
  • We will also remind ourselves of how to look after our body by brushing our teeth and cleaning our body.  We use out Doctors role play to explore what and how a Doctor can help us. 
  • We will develop the ability to show affection and concern for people and animals that are special to us.
  • We will develop confidence when talking to other children when playing, and will communicate freely about our home and community.


Physical Development        


  • We will be trying new food and making different foods though our cooking and talking about what we like and dislike. 
  • We are focussing on throwing and catching as part of our PE session. 
  • We will be focusing on developing our tripod pencil grip and writing and forming the letter for our name.


How you could help at home

  • Reading regularly with your child.  You can take books from our Home Reading Library in Nursery and join in our competition to read the most books at home and receive a certificate and prize. 
  • Completing your homework – Our homework will inform you about the topics we are learning about during that week.  You can complete this in any way you like, may parents enjoy sending photos of their children at home to our Nursery homework email. 
  • Additional activities will be sent home to help children with specific areas of focus to help them improve in class.
  • Talk about things you have done at home in both English and your home language to develop their language. 
  • Developing maths at home, by continuously counting things you are using at home, and finding and recognising shapes. 
  • Look at our parent support displays in our classroom to support in different areas of learning e.g. our toilet training display, Parent Display Learning Board. 
  • Support your children to become more Independent by toilet training and allowing them to attempt to dress themselves and put their own coat and shoes on.