International Week 2017


During International week (6th -10TH February 2017) Pippins celebrated and learnt about India.

Throughout the week we had some Indian food at snack time, exploring different textures and tastes we likes and trying new food we had not had before.

We experimented with marks and colours and textures when decorating and making Indian flag pictures.


During International week (6th -10TH February 2017) Seedlings celebrated India.

Throughout the week we tasted different Indian foods at snack time, exploring different textures and tastes that some of us had not had before.

We experimented with marks and colours, decorating the Indian flag in different ways.

In Saplings, we learnt about India during international week. We tasted Indian food, drew Mehndi and Rangoli patterns, dressed up in Indian clothes and practised Indian dancing!


During international week in Beech we looked at Greece. We have enjoyed looking at Ancient Greece as part of our topic this half term and have developed this further during International week. The children took part in a range of activities including, locating Greece on a world map, ordering key events from Ancient Greece on a timeline, creating flags of Greece. Some of the children also enjoyed creating a fact file about Greece using Ipads and non-fiction texts to research Greece and we also wrote the story of Theaseus and the Minotaur.

Beech are lucky enough to have a Greek member in our class and were able to learn the Greek alphabet and key phrases in Greek.

Czech Republic

We listened to the Czech folk tale – The Mandrake Child

It was a great story but scary when the mandrake child yelled FEED ME!

We then went outside and collected natural materials to make our own mandrake children.


Year 4 Juniper chose to look at Slovakia during international week. We have 2 children in our class who are from Slovakia and we really enjoyed hearing them telling us about special traditions from their country. They also taught us how to say some words and phrases in Slovakian.


During International Week Y6 Poplar found out all about Romania.  We are really lucky because we have lots of Romanian children in our class so they were able to tell us all about Romania.  We made some information booklets but our favourite part was learning to speak and count in Romanian.  We had a Romanian speaking competition and Georgina judged it.  Cory, Khizar and Harry were the winners.  Well done boys.


As part of international week, the children in Oak researched information about Spain.  They found out lots of interesting facts about local traditions and Spanish celebrities.  

We are lucky that Maslina and Alicia in our class can speak fluent Spanish so they taught us some basic phrases and how to count to ten.  We found out that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world!


During International Family Week, Aspen studied Russia. The children really enjoyed researching the country, designing their own Russian buildings and Faberge eggs, and even learning a few key Russian phrases.  They also made their own Russian passports.


All the children in Reception studied Pakistan this week. We typed in Pakistan on our I Pads and with the help of our teachers we found out many things. First we studied a map and talked about where Pakistan was in relation to our country. Lots of children in our group have been and they told us how it took a very long time to get there on an aeroplane. We discovered what the flag of Pakistan looked like and made one. We danced to traditional music and dressed up in traditional costumes.

Mrs Usman showed us how to make Mehndi patterns and prayer mats and Mrs Hart made garlands and necklaces with is. At the end of the week we had the chance to taste food from Pakistan, we liked the sweets best.


In Birch, we looked at our very one country, England. We talked about our values and listened and watched the story of St George the patron saint of England. We also looked at where all our families came from in the world.


Year 4 Rowan chose to look at China during international week. We celebrated Chinese new year and created a ‘chain of friends’ to spread the Chinese news and act out famous Chinese traditions. We also made noodle soup and fortune cookies.


Acorns – In celebration of International Week we invited Mrs Wallace to talk to us about Ghana and searched for food from Ghana in our visit to Sainsbury’s.


Maple spent the afternoon learning about Germany. We drew the flag and found Germany on a world map. We then used Google Translate on the iPads to find out how to pronounce simple words and greetings before working with Miss Marine to learn a song in German. Can you remember how to say some of these words for ‘The Incy-Wincy Spider’?


Year 2 Spruce learned all about Zimbabwe and what life is like for the children that live there. We focused on school life and compared Zimbabwean childrens’ experiences with childrens’ experiences at Ayresome. Some of us pretended to be Zimbabwean children for the day and we enjoyed writing diary entries in role. The rest of us, enjoyed creating a fact file about daily, school life.