Year 1 (Cherry, Fir & Elm)

In maths, we are securing our knowledge in arithmetic for addition and subtraction and developing our reasoning and problem solving skills in these areas.  We will be learning new vocabulary with weights and measures and will be comparing lengths and heights too.  My Maths homework will be issued weekly to all children, so please log in if you are able to.


In English, we are reading stories about Paddington Bear, especially the London themed ones.  We will be making persuasive posters for visits to London Zoo and explore diary writing when we learn about the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys.  We are also practising using capital letters and full stops and extending sentences using ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’.


Our topic is ‘Bright Lights Big City’ and we are focusing on the ‘Great Fire of London.’  We will be using Samuel Pepys’ diary to learn more about it and will use time lines to sequence what happened.


In science, we are learning about different materials and their properties.  We will be investigating which materials are waterproof and exploring why materials are used for particular things.  


In RE, our focus question is “What traditions take place at Easter?” We will be finding out about Holy Week and will consider how difficult it is to give something up that we enjoy when we learn about Lent.  We will be exploring how we each celebrate Easter and what traditions we have ourselves.