Year 1 (Cherry, Fir, Walnut, Elm)


Year 1 are studying the book ‘The tiger who came to tea.’ We will be using this text to learn how to write a shopping list, simple sentences to describe, instructions and character descriptions.


This half term we are learning about place value. We will be focussing on numbers to 20, learning to form our numbers, counting objects, ordering numbers and one more and one less.


This half term year 1 have linked their science and topic lessons together looking at ‘Why humans are not like tigers.  We will be looking at animals and their habitats, how to become a zookeeper and how to look after our own pets at home. We will also be learning about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores.


Year 1 we will be looking at what happens each day in the Christian and Jewish creation story.
We will also be looking at how Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah.

What can your child do at home?
Listen to your child read as least 3 times per week.
Help them with their weekly spelling.
Encourage them to complete their MyMaths homework every week.