Year 1 (Cherry, Fir & Elm)


Year 1 are studying stories will be helping us with our new topic of Space where we will be ‘Zooming to the Moon’.  We have already started reading ‘Beegu’ in Guided Reading and will continue this.  In addition we will read “How to catch a star” and “What happened next?”.  We will be developing our writing skills (making sure we use a capital letter, a full stop and use finger spaces between words) and write diaries, instructions and character descriptions.  In spelling we will be securing the common exception words – those tricky high frequency words we see all the time in our reading books.


Year 1, this half term we are learning how to make groups and count in groups to begin learning multiplication skills.  We will also be tackling fractions – they don’t scare us!


Our Year 1 topic is ‘Moon Zoom’ where we will learn about the first men to land on the Moon and we will be asking lots of questions to find answers to ourselves.  We will learn about the planets and find out about British astronaut Tim Peake.  We will use LEGO to make Moon buggies – so exciting!


Year 1 are discovering what plants are and how they grow.  We will be doing observational drawings and taking plants apart carefully to find out what is inside them.  We will be finding out which plants grow around school and using books and the Internet to help us identify and name them.


Our focus question in RE is “Why is Jesus important to Christians?” where we will be reading stories to find out how Jesus came to mean so much to Christians.