Year 2 (Pine, Spruce & Larch)


We will be reading ‘Superworm’ by the fantastic Julia Donaldson. Alongside this we will look at other similar books such as ‘The Bee that spoke’ and ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’. As part of our work on these exciting books, we will be describing characters, writing fact files about our favourite mini beasts and writing a newspaper report! At the end of the topic, we will be creating a mini beast of our choice. Below, you will find a checklist of things your child should be working on at home to help improve their writing.


This half term, we are going to be developing our mathematical skills. We will be looking at shape, money, fractions, length and capacity. We will be developing our skills and using this knowledge to solve problems.


In Science, we will be researching a range of habitats that mini beasts live in and why they live there. We will also be thinking about the food that certain mini beasts eat and what their favourite food may be. We will focus on life cycles of humans and animals too.


In RE, we will be learning about why Easter is important to Christians and why Pesach is important to Jews. We will be talking about our own experiences and feelings when celebrating our own special occasions.

Art and Design

We will be drawing a range of mini beasts and thinking about the patterns that we can see.

Design Technology

We will begin by making our very own army of Ants. Then, we will finally use our knowledge of all the mini beasts we have studied and create our very own made up mini-beast.