Year 3 (Maple, Cedar, Beech & Lime)

Year 3

In English we will continue to use the Power of Reading programme. Our text this term will be The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will use this text to study genres including;

– persuasive letter writing.

– newspaper report.

– narrative with a focus on Shakespeare and a Midsummer Night’s Dream.


In reading, we will continue with the Accelerated Reader programme so it would be great if you could continue use to support your child with their reading at home.


In maths we will be covering the following topics

– addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

– fractions


In order to support your child in their maths work please continue to use the My Maths website where they can complete homework and recap work from their lessons.


In the spring term, our science topic will be ‘Animals Including Humans.’ We will cover areas such as

– The nutrition that both animals and humans need to be healthy.

– How do we keep our own bodies fit and healthy with the correct nutrition and physical activity?

– Why do animals and humans need a skeleton ?

– Why do animals and humans have muscles?


To support your child at home the websites below may be useful;


In RE this term we will focus on Christianity and look at the key question

– What happened to Jesus each day during Holy Week?


Our topic will be ‘Gods and Mortals.’ As part of this topic we will be looking at Greek mythology. We will cover the following subjects:

– history, studying Ancient Greece.

– art, looking at Greek design.

– geography, looking at ancient and modern day Greece using maps.


At home why not try some traditional Greek food such as baklava. You could also look at Ancient Greek pottery and copy some of the intricate designs or create your own Olympic activities at home or at the park.


Below are some websites you might find useful;

10 facts about Ancient Greece