Year 4 (Yew, Birch & Mulberry, Magnolia)

Autumn 1

Where will we build a city?

Why is Middlesbrough here? How did it develop? We will be finding out about our home town and looking closely at our famous bridges.

English: The children will be reading Awesome Engineering: Bridges and using this as a stimulus to write a non-chronological report about the Transporter Bridge and explanation texts.

During daily reading sessions we will be looking at developing our skills as fluent readers by practicing retrieval, vocabulary and inference skills and reading The Flower by John Light.




Maths: The Autumn term focusses on Place value and number sense as well as addition and subtraction skills. We will be progressing to solving problems.

Daily Arithmetic will continue to be a major focus and expect all children to have a clear understanding of the basic strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Using Times Table Rockstars we will continue to learn all the times tables and corresponding division facts.

Who will be the times tables champion each week?

Our weekly Maths homework will be on My Maths.



Science: Living things and their habitats: The children will classify animals and be able to use classification keys. They will look for creatures in the green space and look at where and why they live there. They will be developing their scientific understanding of fair tests.


Art/DT focus: The children will have the opportunity to look closely at the works of LS Lowry and Mackenzie Thorpe. They will be sketching figures and show movement.


RE: Our key question this term is: How do families practise their faith and how does their faith influence their lives? We will have the opportunity to look at the different religions in school and celebrate the similarities and differences.



What can your child do at home?

  • Listen to your child read at least three times per week.
  • Encourage them to complete their ‘My Maths homework every week.
  • Help your child fluently recall all times tables and corresponding division facts
  • Help them learn their weekly spellings.