Year 6 (Poplar, Aspen, Oak & Hickory)


The children’s English work will be focussed around the book ‘Holes’.  This story is about a group of naughty boys who are sent to a camp in the desert to dig holes.  The children will use their retrieval, inference and deduction skills to help them gain a deeper understanding of the text. 

In addition, they will also be taking part in a number of activities (wheelchair basketball and drumming) and writing information and explanation texts linked to these.  



Year 6  children will be completing revision on all areas of the curriculum. We will be applying our skills to reasoning and problem-solving, as well as continuing to practice our arithmetic skills every day.  The children will continue to work through SATs style questions in the build up to their tests. 



Our science lessons will be focused around light.   The children will identify sources of light and revise facts such as that light travels in straight lines and opaque objects form shadows.

Investigations will be carried out to explore light reflection and refraction, and they will research the speed of light.   

Children will also learn the role of light in how we see things. 


Hola Mexico is the name of our new topic.  The children will have the opportunity to use world maps and satellite images to locate Mexico, identifying which hemisphere it is in and the countries that surround it. In addition, they will use maps, atlases and globes to locate the Chihuahuan Desert, learn about the animal and plant species found there, what the climate is like, the people who live there and the difficulties they face.  

In history, children will look at a range of images that illustrate aspects of ancient Maya civilisation. They will develop a list of questions that would form a basis for further research work, and present the information in a chronological report.


Parents can help by listening to their children read every night and ensuring that they regularly complete their homework.   


Useful websites to help prepare for our end of KS2 tests (SATs) are and