Year 6 (Poplar, Ash, Aspen & Oak)


In Year 6, the children will be basing their writing around the book ‘The Railway Children.’  The children will be covering a range of genres including a setting description and a newspaper report. 

Our reading book is ‘The Train to Impossible Places’ which links to our topic- Railways.  The children will continue to build on their inference and deduction skills to help them analyse the text in detail. 


The main focus for this half term will be place value and calculations.  The children will have to apply their understanding to a range of problems and scenarios. 

It is extremely important that all the children know their times tables as this will support them with their calculations.  Please continue to practise these at home with the children.


Our new topic in Year 6 is based around railways.  We will be starting the topic with an exciting train ride to Saltburn.  The children will learn about the impact the railways have had on Britain and how they have developed over time. 


This half term, Year 6 will be learning about electricity.  They will be using the equipment to make working circuits and will experiment to see what affects the brightness of the bulb.


Our focus question in RE is “What is worship and how is it expressed?” The children will be discussing their special places and we will be looking at how the different religions worship. 

How to help your child in Year 6

  • Listen to your child read every night, if possible.
  • Encourage them to complete their ‘My Maths’ homework every week.
  • Help your child fluently recall all times tables and corresponding division facts.
  • Encourage your child to demonstrate what they have been learning in Maths and English on a weekly basis to secure their understanding.
  • Purchase a revision guide from school. (This will help you to gain a better understanding of what your child is learning.)