Year 2 (Pine, Larch ,Pecan, Spruce)


Year 2 will be learning how to write informal letters and instructions. We will be reading Captain Cook in Guided Reading. We will be developing our writing skills ensuring we are using varied punctuation as well as conjunctions. We must remember to use a capital letter, a full stop and use finger spaces between words as we can sometimes forget. This half term we will have a big push on handwriting ensuring our tall letters are taller than our small letters. In spelling, we will be following the Year 2 spelling rules.


Year 2, this half term, are learning to apply our multiplication skills to help us solve division problems. We will then move on to statistics and properties of shape. Can you help us spot different 2D and 3D shapes in our environment?


Our Year 2 topic is ‘Who was Captain Cook?’ We will investigate who he was, why he is famous and where and why he is remembered today? This will help us re-cap our continents and oceans which we named when we looked at the British Empire in autumn 1. We will also sketch his famous ship and learn to mix brown paint.


Year 2 are studying scientists and inventors. This ‘Scientists and Inventors’ unit will teach your child about famous scientists and inventors linked to the Year 2 science curriculum. Children will learn about the invention of the waterproof coat, and will explore other waterproof materials by carrying out simple tests. They will learn about how germs are spread, looking at the work of Louis Pasteur and carrying out a fun experiment to prove how far germs can spread in a few minutes. Children will set up a small world to show the effects of water pollution, as discovered by Rachel Carson during her research on ocean habitats.

Religious Education

Our focus questions in RE are ‘How do Chinese families prepare their home for New Year?’ and ‘Why should we love and forgive others?’

What can your child do at home?

Listen to your child read every weekday for 10 minutes

Encourage them to complete their ‘My Maths homework every week.

Help your child recognise different 2D and 3D shapes

Help them read and write their common exception, contraction, prefix and suffix words.

Practise their 2,5, and 10 times tables.