Year 3 (Maple, Cedar, Beech & Lime)


Year 3 are studying the text ‘Daisy Saves the Day’ by Shirley Hughes. We will be using this text to explore a range of genres including biography and informal letter writing. As we read, we will take note of ambitious vocabulary, interesting sentence structures and will try hard to learn new spellings and word definitions. In our reading lessons, we will study a different quality text ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens. Throughout our reading lessons, we will build upon our retrieval and inference skills from the autumn term. We will also look identifying how narrative information is related and contributes to the meaning of the whole text. Please can parents listen to their child read daily. This really helps!


This half term we will continue to work on our addition and subtraction skills through our five a day. We will also be looking at money which will incorporate previous skills acquired in the autumn term and practical life skills such as calculating change. To end the term we look at statistics and create our own pictogram, bar graphs and tables.


Our topic this half term is ‘How did the Victorian period help to shape the Middlesbrough we know today?’. This half term we are focusing on developing our art skills and looking at famous artists who have lived in our town. We will explore the local area and the steel works which have been prominent in our town since the Victorian period.


Our science topic for this half term is ‘Light’. We will begin by looking at light and dark and building on the understanding that we need light to see. This topic will be full of investigates including which materials let light through and reflective surfaces. Children will use lots of new scientific vocabulary to discuss light and recall their findings.

Religious Education.

Our key question in RE is ‘What is the importance of beliefs or values as guides for making choices and decisions in daily life? ‘

Children will explore the codes of behaviour within both Christianity and Islam discussing rights and wrongs. We will delve into the Ten Commandments and the Qur’an looking at similarities and differences between the two with the end goal to describe each in detail. As we move towards the end of the half term we will begin to look at why key religious festivals are celebrated and its meaning for believers. This will allow us to celebrate Chinese New Year within our R.E lessons.


Year 3 children attend swimming lessons. This is a compulsory requirement as part of their physical education. Parents will be informed by letter the dates of swimming lessons. Please ensure that your child has a swimming costume/trunks and a towel.

How you can help at home.

Read regularly with your child – encourage them to use expression and ask questions about what they have read. Ask them to write a book review which they could share with the class.

Complete My Maths homework and access Timetable Rock Stars.

Practise spelling homework – spelling individual words and try recalling by writing them in a sentence.

Talk to your child about what they have been learning in school? What was their favourite activity that day? What new learning do they remember?