Year 4 (Yew, Birch & Mulberry, Magnolia)

Spring 1

Topic: Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing? The children will look at the invasion and settlements of the Anglo-Saxons, and we are sure ‘crime and punishment’ will be of great interest, particularly when we look at how it has affected Britain today.

English: We will be reading Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo to help us to develop our narrative writing. We will be developing character descriptions, settings, and then developing our own monster for Beowulf to slay. During daily reading sessions we will be looking at developing our skills as fluent readers by continuing to practise retrieval, vocabulary and inference skills, linked to our topic work on Anglo-Saxons.

Maths: This term we will complete work on length and perimeter, before moving to formal methods of multiplication and division. As always, we will focus on varied fluency initially and then move on to reasoning and problem solving. We will finish off the half term working on area.

Daily Arithmetic will continue to be a major focus and expect all children to have a clear understanding of the basic strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Using Times Table Rockstars we will continue to learn all the times tables and corresponding division facts.

Who will be the times tables champion each week?

Our weekly Maths homework will be on My Maths.

Science: Animals including Humans:

The children will be examining different types of teeth and how teeth should be cared for. We are then moving on to focus on the digestive system and food chains, finally constructing a food chain.           

Religious Eduction: Our key question this term is: What is worship and how is it expressed? We will focus on places of worship for Christians and Hindus.

What can you do to support your child do at home?

  • Listen to your child read at least three times per week.
  • Encourage them to complete their ‘My Maths’ homework every week.
  • Help your child fluently recall all times tables and corresponding division facts
  • Help them learn their weekly spellings.