We established these in September but have reviewed them monthly. Our school council is responsible for their maintenance. 


At Ayresome Primary we collaborate to develop and maintain a rights-respecting school community in all areas and in all aspects of life based on the Convention. Below are some of the events we have celebrated to continually raise the awareness of right with all our children and adults.

International Week

During our International Week this year, each class learnt about the home nation of one or more of the children in that class.  We studied the geography of the specific country and learnt about the culture, religion, food and customs.  We listened to stories originating from these countries and of course enjoyed the sharing of knowledge from the children themselves.  Click on the link to take a look at some of the things we did.

International Week


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As part of the 2016 Outright campaign, we spent time across the whole school learning more about refugees.  We considered the difficult decisions many refugees face and role played what it would be like to be a refugee to begin to understand these difficulties more.  We realised more about the difference between what we need to live and what we desire when we had to pack a suitcase of essentials.  Our awareness was certainly raised!

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Have a look at these photos and decide which rights are being met. Which rights are not?


All children participated in a very important age appropriate assembly delivered by the NSPCC.  We learnt about how important it is to speak out against abuse and about our rights to be safe. We learnt about Childline and how we can phone the number for free for help and advice and to report abuse.

PANTS Rule guidance for children.

PANTS Rule guidance for parents, also with additional support for autism.

Childline  0800 1111


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Every half term, children across the whole school engage in extremely important e-safety lessons.  These sessions help to teach the children how to be safe when using technology and about responsible use.  Check out our page on E-Safety by clicking the link below.  There is also a link on this page to CEOP where any abuse can be reported.

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