How We Behave

The children at Ayresome focus upon the core values of Respect, Trust, Tolerance, Ambition, Determination and Excellence. All staff actively encourage the pupils to demonstrate kindness to others and understanding. These inclusive practices are reflected in our Rights Respecting Level 1 award achievement and in the work that the school does on behaviour management and our commitment towards the award of School of Sanctuary.

 Our praise and reward system is built upon assertive mentoring principles. Children strive to achieve their bronze, silver and gold wrist bands through our merit system and houses complete for the trophies termly!

As we continue to develop pupil leadership and core rights and responsibilities in school; the school has adopted the LORIC principles of pupil leadership; 

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Resilience
  • Initiative
  • Communication

Through our achievement APP ‘Marvellous Me’, children are awarded badges and awards point to their own account which are shared and celebrated with parents and carers. Many pupil leadership opportunities are developing rapidly in school and our charter in every classroom agreed by the pupils in our care is the school’s core promise to our children that we continue to nurture and develop their wellbeing, mental health and citizenship.

An updated copy of the behavioural statement of principles 2017, is located on the Parents page ‘policies and procedures’ tile  alongside the positive behavioural policy.


Incorporating the online tool Marvellous Me, the school actively promotes children’s well being and achievement. 

Each child has a positive mentoring book and a Marvellous Me account to share their achievements.

School currently issues lanyards for celebrating Reading achievements in bronze, silver and gold to mark the ‘Alfies’ Reading Challenge’ outcomes. We will shortly be moving to wrist bands for this purpose.

  • to raise standards for all
  • to motivate and involve children in their learning
  • to inform and involve parents in their child’s learning
  • children are encourage to do their best and to achieve MARVELLOUS ME points for both achievement and behaviour. These online award systems and shared with parents and carers daily and parents and carers can respond to the awards given. 
  • children are encourage to mark in their positive mentoring books uniform, attendance and reading daily.
  • the behaviour policy is listed under the core policies including the school’s approach to ‘Team Teach’ or positive handling that all staff undertake core training every 2-3 years or in the case of SEMH support staff, termly update as required.
  • all children are supported to achieve their best. If children require individual attention to improve their behaviour, they would be potentially registered on the SEND register and supported through SEND support plans, pastoral support plans or core mentors daily.  




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