As a community school, statutory school age admissions are managed centrally by Middlesbrough Council. We admit 90 children to Reception and from Year 1 to Year 6 we can admit 100 pupils in each year group. We have a 52 place nursery, both morning and afternoon.

We also have a 20 place two year old setting, both morning and afternoon.

Further details can be obtained from our school office or by contacting Children’s Services.

Middlesbrough Council School Admissions


Early Years Foundation Stage Phased Entry

In order to ensure a smooth transition into school, children will engage in a one-week phased entry programme comprising part-time morning and afternoon sessions with opportunities to stay for lunch.

Phased entry allows the school to offer a 1:5 staff to child ratio, enabling staff to focus on settling children into their new environment. The sessions will be class based, giving children the opportunity to get to know their class group before the free-flow system begins in the third week of term.



Children will be allocated a key worker on entry. The key worker is responsible for monitoring children’s progress in learning and their social and emotional development.


Transfers to Secondary Schools

Admissions to Secondary schools are managed centrally by Middlesbrough Council. A child transfers to Secondary school in September following his/her 11th birthday.

There are regular meetings between the Headteachers and teachers to discuss transition arrangements for our children. Children are also given the opportunity to spend time and participate in exciting projects run by our local Secondary schools throughout the year.

School employs an external contractor to monitor and progress families or individuals who have poor attendance and cases where families could be prosecuted for poor attendance. Details of this contractor and their work on impacting upon attendance can be sought from the school office staff.