Year 1

Meet the Teachers

In Year 1 we have 4 classes:

  • Cherry class – The teachers are Mrs Farrington and Miss Blount and our classroom assistant is Miss Lam.
  • Walnut Class – The teacher is Mrs Smedley and our classroom assistant is Miss Stanley.
  • Elm class – The teacher is Miss Brown and our classroom assistant is Mr Bousfield.
  • Fir class – The teachers are Mrs Wood and Miss Stanley and our classroom assistant is Mrs Ingram.

In Year 1, we enjoy learning through our play in the different areas in the classroom. A normal day in Year 1 consists of the following lessons – Maths, Phonics, English, Topic/Science/RE, Reading and story-time. The children work in small focus groups with the class teacher and classroom assistant. During that time the other children access the areas of continuous provision carrying out activities around a theme/their learning focus for the day. We also love exploring and learning in our greenspace and this is timetabled in twice a day.



In English, we cover a range of texts (fiction and non-fiction) that are linked to our topic this is a way of engaging the children and encouraging them to access writing in the continuous areas. In Year 1 we focus on the children becoming independent writers, using their phonic knowledge to support their spelling. A key focus for Year 1 is for the children to be able to write a sentence that includes a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.



As a school, we follow White Rose scheme of work for Maths where we cover:

  • Number – Place value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
  • Measurement – Money, Length and Height, Weight and Volume and Time
  • Geometry – Properties of Shape and Position and Direction

Alongside our Maths lessons, children have a ‘5 a day’ session. This usually takes place on a morning and is to recap previous learning, address misconceptions and identify gaps in individuals learning.


In Year 1 we will be learning about the following topics;

  • Where do the wheels on the bus go?
  • Were toys in the 80’s better than toys now?
  • Why does it get dark earlier in Winter?
  • Who would live in the woods in our greenspace?
  • Why can’t a Meerkat live in the North Pole?
  • Who had the best adventure – Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong?


Religious Education

We cover 4 key questions over the year as part of our Religious Education lessons, these are:

  • Who is a Christian and what do they believe?
  • What makes some places sacred?
  • How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times?
  • What does it mean to belong to a faith community?



In Science, we learn about Materials and their properties, Animals, including Humans, Plants, Light and The seasons.



We are a RWINc. Phonics school. The children have access to a daily phonics lesson following the RWINc programme. This teaches the children to become independent readers and also supports them in their writing.

Children will be given a reading book every Monday to read at home. These books will be returned on a Friday ready for new ones on the Monday.

Children will also be set a reading book online through the Oxford Owl Website. Class teachers will set these books corresponding to those the children are reading in class.  


PE lessons

Each class has PE on a different day, children should come to school wearing their PE kits.

PE kit – red or white t-shirt, a pair of jogging bottoms or shorts and trainers.