Year 3

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Hello and welcome to the Year 3 page.  In Year 3, we have four classes: Beech, Cedar, Lime and Maple. 

The adults that work in our year group are:

Miss Brown (Teacher – Beech class)


Miss Coates (Teacher – Cedar class)


Miss Pearce (Teacher – Lime class)


Miss Cole (Teacher – Maple class)


·      Miss Doughty (TA – Beech class)
·      Mr Cockerill (TA – Maple class)
·      Miss Robson (Cover supervisor – all classes)


We would like to give you more information about what we are doing this half term.
In our English this half term, we will be reading and listening to a range of stories based in countries in the Mediterranean.  We will be researching about countries in the Mediterranean such as Greece, Italy, France and Spain.  We will use this information to help us write a leaflet and a non-chronological report.
As well as continuing our calculations using the four operations, we will be learning about fractions.  We are focusing on reviewing for multiplication and division for the first two weeks before moving onto fractions.  We will be identifying fractions, finding equivalent fractions, ordering fractions and adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator.




Our topic this term is “Why do people go to the Mediterranean on holiday?”

In this topic, the children will be learning about the Mediterranean with a focus on the countries: Greece, Italy, Spain and France and will be making a presentation to share with the other classes.  We will be comparing the countries and regions of the countries.  The children will also be learning about Pablo Picasso and will create their own painting in his style.  There will be a competition on our Facebook page for the best picture across the year group so look out for this and vote for your favourite.


In our science, we will be learning about plants, pollination and seed dispersal.  What are the jobs of the different parts of the plant?  Why do plants have flowers?  What is pollination?  How are seeds spread?

We are continuing to learn about festivals in religions.  This half term we are looking at the end of Ramadan, the Hindu festival of Diwali and the Jewish festival of Pesach.  We will be learning about how and why religions across the world celebrate these and why they are so important to them.


Other Topics we learn in Year 3 are:
Autumn 1 – Who first lived in Britain?
Autumn 2 – What did the Romans do for us?
Spring 1 – What makes the Earth angry?
Spring 2 – Has Greece always been in the news?
Summer 2 – What happens if I don’t recycle my plastic bottle?