Year 5

Welcome to Year 5: Hickory Class


We are a hard-working, fun-loving group who love to come to school each day to learn something new! We always try our best, especially when things can seem tough… we have a really important saying: ‘I can’t do it… YET!’


In Hickory class, we speak six languages! Children can speak Romanian, Arabic, Czech, Spanish, Urdu And English!


For our English lessons in Hickory, we started the year with an exciting topic about the Amazon Rainforest.  As part of this topic, we read some exciting books- The Explorer and The Great Kapok Tree. This allowed us to showcase our writing skills through setting and character descriptions. 


Before Christmas, we became detectives and read various Sherlock Holmes books including The Sussex Vampire.  We had great fun creating our own mysterious story openers using Bob Cox principles. 


Spring 1 was slightly different due to lockdown restrictions; however, our class blew us away with their dedication to remote learning.  During this time, we read Skellig (a book about a mythical creature) and discussed in detail the impact this creature has on the young family.  To help our understanding of this text, we spent time researching and writing non-chronological reports about different mythical creatures.


The summer term will see our next book being linked to the Mayans and we will be covering a range of genres primarily non-fiction such as instruction writing.


As a class we LOVE maths and we have spent lots of time securing our knowledge of place value. We have made numbers using different resources, explored how to partition numbers etc. We then moved on to exploring the 4 calculation methods. We are becoming confident with our written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


We have also been working very hard at improving our times tables especially with the help of Times Tables Rockstars which we have been doing at home as well as school!


During our remote learning in the Spring term, we looked at area and perimeter before moving on to 2D and 3D shapes. We have continued learning about shapes when we returned to school. This has been a fun area for us and we have enjoyed exploring the properties of shapes and explaining our thinking with our peers.


The summer term will see us moving onto fractions. We have touched upon this during our weekly arithmetic lessons but now we will be focussing on the various aspects of fractions including equivalence, fractions of amounts, improper and mixed, as well as adding, subtracting and multiplying two fractions together. It is going to be a busy term for us but we are excited and ready for the challenge! 


As well as working hard to improve our reading, writing and maths, we learn lots in other areas of the curriculum too!


We especially enjoy science – we get to join in lots of fun activities like making the Solar System out of toilet roll and grown our own miniature forest. We have learned about Space and Animals including humans – we have some class fish and we are excited as they have offspring that we can observe growing. When we learned about forces, we looked at aerodynamics and tested our own aeroplanes powered by our push force and by propulsion using an elastic band driven propeller!

In Geography, we have learned lots about South America and the Amazon Rainforest. The key things we remember are:

  1. Humans have only explored 1% of the Rainforests of the world – the cures for lots of diseases might be hidden there!
  2. The rainforest is full of exciting animals and plants (including ones that eat flies!) – we don’t even know what other animals and plants might exist… YET!
  3. The rainforests are in danger as humans are cutting down trees for farming and palm oil. This deforestation is taking away the world’s oxygen!


In history, we have learned lots about Middlesbrough and the famous people to have originated from our region of the UK including:

  1. Gertrude Bell – she was a mountaineer who has an mountain named after her in Switzerland but more importantly, she went to university and learned lots of languages even though this was very unusual for a woman in 1800’s! She helped, as a spy, in WW1 AND she supported the first President of Iraq.
  2. Sir Liam Donaldson – he worked for the NHS as the chief advisor and he was part of the group to realise ‘5 a day’ was a really important thing for being healthy.
  3. Mackenzie Thorpe – he is an artist from Middlesbrough, who struggled at school. The Queen has commissioned work from him!

Through our learning, we have composed letters to lots of different people, including Middlesbrough’s Mayor and the Queen! We have a reply from Windsor Castle.


In art, we have studied Henri Rousseau as well as local artists Mackenzie Thorpe and Laura Pittaway.


Through music, we have enjoyed learning about the Romantic, Baroque, Classical and Modern eras as well as composing music of our own using instruments and ChromeMusicLab ( and we learned some festive songs to perform together for Christmas.


We have had French lessons with Mr Bentham.


PE is one of our favourite subjects! We have PE with Mr Corcoran each week.


As well as all of this, we enjoyed experiences with Wilderness Outdoor Education – we can’t wait for them to come back to school in the Summer Term.

We had lots of fun during lockdown! We enjoyed experiments at home in science! Our favourites were:

  1. Dunking biscuits!
  2. Water fun! We explored water tension, where we tried to float a needle as well as showing how important it was to wash our hands using soap and pepper!
  3. Optical illusions.


We continued to study the work of Mackenzie Thorpe and Laura Pittaway, with some amazing results and we enjoyed YouTube art lessons.


We composed using ChromeMusicLab, experimenting with the soundscapes to reflect mythical creatures we wrote about in English!


We learned about maps in geography and we are planning an exciting trip using our new map skills!


Back to school:

We were so excited to be back – Hickory class are so kind to each other: during lockdown we missed being together.


New learning:

In history, we are going to revisit our Amazon topic to learn about an ancient civilization called The Mayans.

In geography, we are going to learn more about maps and how to use them, including globes where we’ll need to understand terms like longitude and latitude.


To finish off our year, we are going to study the Tudors.


To keep us fit, we enjoy jogging a mile each day through our green space AND we are become amazing skippers as the whole school works towards being fit and healthy.


We hope you have enjoyed finding out about us!


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