Hello everyone, welcome to year 4 Yew’s class page

Yew Class

Yew class is a year 4 class. We love working collaboratively together to learn new skills and develop our learning in new, exciting ways.

English and Reading

In our English and reading lessons this half term we will be focusing on the text Erik the Viking by Terry Jones. This text links closely with our Topic. In our reading lessons we will be looking at vocabulary to ensure children fully understand the text. Inference and prediction, can children discuss what might happen based on what the text has told us and also retrieval using examples from the text to support us in answering questions around the text. We will also be using this text to support our writing. We will be using the text to write extended pieces which use exciting vocabulary and a range of sentence structures and skills.


In maths this half term, we will be focusing on geometry. We will be looking at properties of different 2 and 3d shapes as well as looking at position and direction of shape on a grid. We will then be moving on to fractions, looking at adding and subtracting fractions and fractions of amounts. We are also continuing to focus on our times table knowledge.


This term our topic is The Vikings. We will be exploring lots of different areas of Viking life and how they influenced Britain. We will be focusing on DT finding out about Viking food and preparing our own. History to find out the history around Vikings in Britain and Geography to explore where they settled.


In science, we will be exploring Living things and their Habitats. We will be carrying out investigations and exploring the different habitats of living things and why they choose to live there.


In R.E. we are looking at ‘Why do some people think that life is like a journey and what significant experiences mark this?